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Our Centre

As we grow, and in order to attract growth, we have decided to look for a new space. We would like to find a 20’ x 30’ space with a street entrance, a quiet interior near public transportation, approved for signage, and handicapped accessible. It needs to include an accessible washroom and kitchen area. If you have contact information or an address you think may be suitable, please call 778-628-9470.

The word Dana means generosity and is a central Buddhist practice and principle. As a friend we hope that you can help us defray some of the cost by offering Dana to the Centre, a registered charity.

Learn to Meditate in Vancouver

with a welcoming group of the Triratna Buddhist Community, led by members at the Triratna Vancouver Buddhist Centre. Learn and practice meditation in a non-sectarian setting.

Triratna Vancouver is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly known as The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, whose name changed in 2010), a non-sectarian international Buddhist network of public centres, communities, ethical businesses and social projects. At the heart of the Triratna Vancouver is the Triratna Buddhist Order, made up of both men and women of diverse backgrounds who have dedicated their lives to the practice of Buddhism.



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Practice Buddhism among Friends

guided by members of the Triratna Buddhist Community associated with Triratna Vancouver at the Vancouver Buddhist Centre. Triratna Vancouver welcomes all visitors, including those new to Buddhism. Come one evening as a guest and leave, we hope, as a friend.

The Buddha emphasized the importance of regular practice in the company of friends. When Ananda said that friendship was half the spiritual life, the Buddha gently corrected him, saying, “Ananda, friendship is the whole of the spiritual life.”

Attend Classes on Meditation or Buddhism

at the Vancouver Buddhist Centre, given by Triratna Vancouver instructors with years of teaching experience in all aspects of the subjects. Classes focus on the needs of students new to meditation or Buddhism.