All of our weekly classes at Triratna Vancouver are offered for free.  While our team of volunteers is happy to lead classes, there are certain costs associated with running our programs.  We now have a  permanent location for which we pay rent.

The word dana means generosity, and is a central Buddhist principle and practice.  If you find our programs helpful, and have the means to do so, we would be forever grateful for any dana you wish to give.  We are a registered charity, and would be happy to provide a tax receipt for your support.

Donate Now

What It Costs

Our basic annual costs for 2024 will be approximately $25,500.
Rent in 2023

Includes storage locker fees and new suite rental (May 2023 on) .

Insurances, internet, webhosting and accounting costs

On going expenses outside of rent such as insurance, webhosting, internet and accounting costs

Where It Comes From

All of our income comes from the generosity of people who come to the center and donate in the form of regular monthly pledges and/or one off amounts. In 2023 we made a modest amount of income from our retreats.

How You Can Help

Donations to the Vancouver Buddhist Centre are very gratefully accepted. This helps us as a community to keeping  paying for our rent space  and to continue hosting our regular weekly and monthly events.