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Welcome to the Vancouver Buddhist Centre. Our community is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly known as The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, whose name changed in 2010 to reflect Triratna global diversity and presence), a non-sectarian international Buddhist network of public centres, communities, ethical businesses and social projects. At the heart of the Vancouver Buddhist Centre is the Triratna Buddhist Order, made up of many individuals of diverse backgrounds who have dedicated their lives to the practice of Buddhism.

Our Values

Our Ethical Guidelines

1. I undertake the training principle of abstention from harming living beings.
With deeds of loving-kindness I purify my body. VBC aims to support the awakening of the individual for the benefit of all beings. In all our dealings with one another we aspire to behave in a spirit of kindness, expressing kalyanamitrata, or ‘spiritual friendship’. Our spiritual community has been defined by its founder, Sangharakshita, as a ‘free association of individuals’. While respecting this principle, it is important that individuals in positions of trust and authority as members of Triratna do not misuse their trusted position or authority – real or perceived - for their own benefit or to influence others inappropriately.  Wishing to minimise the harm we do to living beings, we affirm that physical violence and strong expressions of anger have no place among us. We will work within our community, and with other like-minded groups, to reduce and minimise our impact on the environment, locally and internationally.

2. I undertake the training principle of abstention from taking the not given.
With open-handed generosity, I purify my body. We wish to offer the Buddha’s teachings in a spirit of generosity, making them accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. Our sliding scale system is a reflection of this. We aspire to express generosity by caring for our community and those who work and practise within it, finding ways to support those who undertake particular responsibilities at VBC. Those of us who handle money, property or other resources for VBC will take care of them and avoid their deliberate misuse or misappropriation. The Council will investigate any suspected misuse and take appropriate action.

3. I undertake the training principle of abstention from sexual misconduct. With stillness, simplicity and contentment I purify my body.
VBC is a community of people practising the Buddha’s teachings together with a strong emphasis on spiritual friendship. Close relationships can develop, including sexual relationships between members of our community. All members of our community are encouraged to conduct their sexual relationships ethically, with awareness and kindness. Those of us in teaching roles, supporting roles or with other positions of responsibility within the sangha have a particular responsibility in this area. For a more specific discussion of what is expected of our teachers, please see our Teacher Agreements. Anyone who feels they have received unwanted, uncomfortable, or inappropriate sexual or romantic attention from a teacher, other leader or community member at VBC is invited to contact any member of the Council, either directly or through an ally. See our Grievance Reporting Policy for more guidance.

4. I undertake the training principle of abstention from false speech. With truthful communication, I purify my speech.
In all our dealings with those we teach we are committed to truthful, meaningful, helpful and harmonious communication, written or spoken. We wish to create an atmosphere of friendliness, co-operation and trust at VBC When discussing others, we commit to sharing information carefully, motivated by desire for the wellbeing and spiritual progress of those we discuss. Community members agree to not share information about others without permission. We will abide by all relevant data protection laws in our record keeping.

5. I undertake the training principle of abstention from intoxication. With mindfulness clear and radiant I purify my mind.
VBC aims to provide support for the development of wisdom and compassion through deepening awareness. We undertake to engage with our practice, with ourselves and with each other with mindfulness and care. We aim to provide supportive environments for those wishing to live without intoxicants. We will not serve alcohol or other intoxicants at VBC, nor are they allowed at our centre. We ask that people not participate in events while under the influence of non-medical drugs. Smoking and e-cigarettes/vaping are not permitted on our premises.

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